During the fall 2006 semester, on campus of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University HTDOGWTR was born. The idea was bred by an innovative and fashion savvy young man named Jeffrey Lee, a fashion merchandising and design major on A&T’s campus. Jeffrey’s idea was to create an exclusive clothing line that would not only attract the attention of campus life, but also expand worldwide. Not just the type of clothing geared to a specific audience, but a brand that every group, race, gender, and culture could appreciate. What started off as a small line of hand-made couture purses has now grown into what HTDOGWTR is today. Not only has the vision and reach of HTDOGWTR transcended past  A&T’s campus and college campuses in general, but people from NY to Cali can be seen with the infamous HTDOGWTR logo. The brand now consists of tee shirts, dresses, jeans, jackets, hats, jewelry, baby wear, car exterior and interior, and bathroom accessories. It doesn’t stop there for the flourishing product line, the possibilities are boundless. As the future approaches the CEO of HTDOGWTR is busy in the studio producing tracks exclusively for HTDOGWTR! All this goes to show that HTDOGWTR clothing line is not just fashion, it’s a lifestyle.